Sound analyse

Sound analysis is done by unravelling the recorded sounds of an instrument in the keynote and the different overtones. This unraveling is done with a computer program. In this way you can ‘see’ whether the violin produces sufficient tone in all areas. If a violin does not sound good (e.g. shrill) you can use this program to see which tone areas do not sound good.

You can compare it with the use of a thermometer by the doctor. The doctor will see that you are not well, but by using the thermometer you can get a better diagnosis of the ailment. A sound analysis can tell you if the sound is optimal. If it is not, by reading the different graphs you can find more easily where the ‘ailment’ is. And just like the doctor has to find the medicine after the diagnosis, the violin is of course not ready when you have found the error.

In sound analysis intro you can read a short explanation of the ‘acoustic thermometer’.

In sound analysis extended the same story, but in a more elaborate form.